We are a well established, family owned and operated Boston whale watch adventure company in Gloucester, Massachusetts, now in our 57th season of Cape Ann whale watching excursions.

Join Us For An Experience You Will Never Forget!
Sail our popular three-to-four-hour whale watch tours to view the world’s largest mammals surfacing, feeding, and breaching in the important feeding areas of Stellwagen Bank and Jeffreys Ledge. In season, these waters, a National Marine Sanctuary, provide some of the BEST WHALE WATCHING opportunities in the world. Our unique and awe-inspiring Cape Ann whale watching tours offer many great photo opportunities!

Don’t miss the Whale Center of New England’s free exhibit, where you can get up close and personal to an actual humpback whale skeleton. To find out more about this exhibit and other whale watching attractions at our unique location on Historic Harbor Loop ... click here, and you will be directed to our interactive map.

A Note from
The Whale Center of New England’s Director
We have chosen to work with Capt. Bill and Sons Whale Watch because we feel that they balance the interests of the whale and their customers in a way no other Cape Ann whale watch tour can match. We hope you will join us at Capt. Bill and Sons and get more involved!
            Mason Weinrich,
            Executive Director

When we set sail, you actually become a part of the research team. Our naturalists, from The Whale Center of New England, give careful instructions in the "spotting techniques" for particular species. You will also learn about whale behavior, biology, and social structure from the naturalists. As a result, you will be able to share your knowledge to help save the habitat of these intelligent, amazing creatures and marvel at their enormous size and awesome power.

Reservations are recommended and group rates are available.

There are no other whale watching tours on the Massachusetts coast quite like ours!

Whale Watching Tours

Naturalists on board the Miss Cape Ann make the difference. Our whale watching tours in Gloucester take place on a custom designed whale watching boat that provides optimal whale watching, cruises departing twice daily, and more frequently on peak days. Located northeast of Boston Harbor whale watch cruises are complete with the outstanding educational resources provided by researchers from The Whale Center of New England. That means every whale watching cruise with us, already inspiring and rich with the marine life sightings in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary or Jeffreys Ledge, is a rare opportunity to learn to latest news and more about whales.

Take a moment to see the Image Gallery. Browse the Boat and Crew page, featuring the 100-foot vessel and the dedicated crew who host every Cape Ann whale watch.

Of course, nothing brings home the majesty of these marine mammals like viewing them in person, experiencing the sounds and sights here northeast of Boston. Cape Ann whale watching tours with Capt. Bill and Sons are the real thing. Contact us today and make your reservations.

Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
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