Biologists from The Whale Center of New England were lucky enough to spot the largest animal species on Earth one Sunday morning in October of 2008. According to the Center's executive director, this was truly a rare sighting. The scientists on this most unexpected of blue whale watching tours photographed the nearly 80-foot mammal for 45 minutes and contributed the images to a Canadian blue whale catalog that compiles data for research.

Though Capt. Bill and Sons Whale Watch isn't able to provide blue whale watching tours, as these animals rarely venture this far south and rather prefer the waters near Norway, Iceland and Canada, we do provide our guest with the opportunity to see other amazing marine life in the company of naturalists from the Center, including the executive director. Many guests who choose to sail with us do so specifically for that reason, in fact. Scientists who spend their days on the waters of the National Marine Sanctuary have a wealth of whale wisdom to impart, and we feel fortunate to have them on board.

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One remarkable species we're lucky to have access to, the humpback, is a regular guest on the Capt. Bill and Sons "show." We can't, of course, guarantee that every trip will feature a humpback (whale watching, after all, is like a safari on the ocean and not a planned event). You can, however, assume that you will most likely see whales and certainly other marine life, and that your tour will be comfortable, well managed, safe and full of great opportunities to learn and be inspired.

Contact us about booking a (sei, fin, Northern Atlantic right, minke, humpback) whale watching trip today. Let us customize a trip for your larger group or special event, or just make plans to come with your friends or family for a 3 ½ to 4 hour tour aboard the Miss Cape Ann here in Gloucester, MA.

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