You’re Special To Us. When you come aboard any one of Capt. Bill’s New England whale watch cruises we want it to be a special experience for you. You’re in for the best in family fun and entertainment. We assure you an uncrowded boat without lines at the galley, bar, and restrooms. We are confident our first class operation speaks for itself, evidenced by our high repeat business. Captain and crew follow all Coast Guard and National Marine Fisheries Service safety and whale watching guidelines.

 Miss Cape Ann

Miss Cape Ann
We are proud to take you on our 100 foot Miss Cape Ann. This state of the art vessel was custom designed for whale watching and offers a safe, smooth ride, plenty of viewing space and ample seating for all. Our boat offers large, enclosed, heated cabins, squeaky clean restrooms, and a full galley. The vessel is fully licensed and inspected by the United States Coast Guard. Ride in comfort while our 12-cylinder diesel engines whisk you to the whales leaving others behind, giving you extra time with the whales.

Capt. Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham - Captain and Founder
Captain Bill was one of the original whale watching pioneers. He started Capt. Bill and Sons originally for deep sea fishing charters, however on many trips they would stop and watch the whales. The passengers were always excited and amazed at the incredible size and beauty of the whales off the coast of New England. Capt. Bill. thought this awesome experience should be shared with more than just the fishing trips so he started taking passengers out on daily excursions to watch the whales. Knowing that these amazing creatures should be cherished, he teamed up with the naturalists of what is now known as The Whale Center of New England to make your trip both educational and fun. Capt. Bill always prided himself on offering the best whale watch, his motto was "we will go further and work harder to make your trip the most enjoyable experience! Treat yourself you deserve it!" This philosophy is the basis behind Capt. Bill and Sons success and why they have so many repeat customers.

Capt. Marc

Marc Cunningham - Captain
Marc’s early childhood was spent with his dad, Captain Bill clam digging around Cape Ann. Later he helped in the start up of the family business Capt. Bill and Sons Whale Watchand Deep Sea Fishing. His dad wanted to give visitors to Cape Ann an experience off the waters of Gloucester. Marc has been certified to meet Coast Guard requirements for decades – too modest to say how many, and makes passenger safety a top priority. He is proud of his family’s three-generation commitment to conservation and protection of whales and other marine life.

Capt. Sean

Sean Cunningham - Captain
From the time he learned to walk, Sean accompanied his grandfather Captain Bill out on the water. During Capt Bill’s Deep Sea Fishing trips, Sean helped by carrying bait buckets and handing out bait to guests on board. In his teen years, he crewed on party boat charters, fished in Key West, Florida and New Bedford, Massachusetts. Sean is a Coast Guard certified licensed captain. In Sean’s spare time he volunteers with the Whale Center of New England assisting in their rescue missions of whale and seal strandings. Sean brings the legacy of his grandfather aboard each trip. He thoroughly enjoys showing our guests an incredible time whale watching.

Capt. Bediz

Adam Bediz - Captain
Growing up on Cape Ann, Adam has always had a strong affinity for the ocean and the marine environment. Adam is US Coast Guard certified captain and has worked for Captain Bill and Sons for over 20 years. Adam’s experience as a whale watch captain is apparent while on board with him. Captain Adam always goes the extra mile to ensure his passengers have the best whale watching experience while respecting the whales in their natural habitat.

Capt. Moceri

Dave Moceri - Captain
Dave grew up in Gloucester and comes from a long line of commercial fisherman. He is a fourth generation captain and has worked with many local companies, doing both fishing charters and whale watching tours. Dave has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and an MS in Ocean Engineering from UNH. He also has studied underwater acoustics and works part time as an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College.

Dianna Schulte

Dianna Schulte - Co-founder, Research and Intern Co-ordinator of Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation
Dianna has been watching whales since 1995 and has worked on several whale watching boats in New England ever since. In 1996, she and Blue Ocean Society co-founder Jen Kennedy interned at the Whale Center of New England, learning valuable skills in whale research and non-profit management. Dianna has also worked as a mate for Lindblad Expeditions in Alaska and Baja California Mexico, watching all sorts of whales from aboard the 152-foot ship as well as the 20-foot inflatable boats. Additionally, Dianna has led winter aerial survey teams searching for critically endangered right whales in South Carolina and Florida. Her favorite species is the finback whale.

Laura Ganley

Laura Ganley - Naturalist
After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in zoology, Laura began working for the Whale Center of New England as a summer naturalist on whale watch boats in 2005. During this time she would also spend her winters flying in small planes looking for the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, first on the calving grounds off the coast of Georgia for Wildlife Trust, then in Cape Cod Bay for the Center for Coastal Studies. In 2010 she began working at the Center for Coastal Studies full time as the flight coordinator for the Right Whale Research Program during the winter, and working with the Humpback Whale Program and the Marine Animal Entanglement Response Team in the summer. While working at CCS she worked on multiple humpback whale tagging projects, assisted in disentangling whales and sea turtles from fishing gear, and documenting right whales during the winter months. Recently, she left CCS to begin a Masters degree in Biology at UMass, Boston. Her thesis will look at social drivers influencing right whale distribution, and will utilize the data collected during her time at the Center for Coastal Studies. In addition to whale watching this summer, Laura will be flying aerial surveys north of the Arctic Circle for the National Marine Mammal Laboratory in order to document marine mammals in areas that are of interest for oil exploration.

Tina Ciarametaro

Tina Ciarametaro - Naturalist
An Adirondack native, Tina came to Gloucester in 1993 after watching a documentary about whales. She began working as a naturalist in the spring of 1994, took time off to raise her family and has returned to her passion in recent years. When Tina is not on the boat, she teaches 8th grade Earth Science in Ipswich, MA.

Capt. Bill Cunningham Jr.
Bill Jr. has been a licensed captain for over 30 years. Bill is currently a commercial fisherman who captains our sister ships, fishing the local waters year round. Bill offers Capt. Bill and Sons a unique advantage as he is out at sea in the early morning hours and is able to radio back to us with sea conditions and early whale activity. Be sure to say hi to Capt. Bill Jr. when he is at the dock unloading his daily catch.

Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
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