The world's largest mammals are fond of Stellwagen Bank or Jeffreys Ledge. It is ranked by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the world's top sites for whale watching, and in the summer months, humpbacks, finbacks, minkes and other species draw curious "land mammals" to this area from all parts of the world. You know who you are.

Please read more about Stellwagen Bank, a rich source of nourishment for whales and other marine life, as it's a fascinating natural wonder we're proud to help promote and protect. Located northeast of Boston, sightseeing tours with Capt. Bill and Sons will take you and your crew out to Stellwagen Bank or Jeffreys Ledge. You can see for yourself why we are so invested in preserving its beauty and rich reserve for whales, dolphins and other wildlife.

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Boston Sightseeing Tours to the Sanctuary

What sorts of marine mammals frequent Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary or Jeffreys Ledge? With such a plentiful abundance of calorie-rich sand eels, this underwater plateau attracts many whales. It also provides copepods, a particular favorite of the right whale and other species. Harbor porpoises, white-sided dolphins and harbor seals are also drawn to the area.

The Sanctuary that attracts so many who seek Boston tours is actually comprised of Stellwagen Bank proper, southern parts of Jeffreys Ledge located to the north of Stellwagen Bank, and Tillies Bank to the northeast. Located on the eastern edge of the Massachusetts Bay, Stellwagen Bank is part of the larger Sanctuary that covers 842 square miles. Capt. Bill and Sons, docked in Gloucester and providing Boston sightseeing tours to hundreds every year, is just three miles north of the Sanctuary's northwestern boundary.

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Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch
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