Capt. Bill and Sons Whale Watch was instrumental in the designating of the underwater plateau, Stellwagen Bank, one of more than a dozen National Marine Sanctuaries. Legislation was passed by Congress in 1992 to designate the area a national marine sanctuary and thus protecting it from oil and gas development efforts and other activities that might cause harm to the resources found there. It's one of many reasons to "swim with this big fish" just northeast of Boston. Whale watching tours with us are popular for many reasons:

Three generations of Boston, whale watch professionals from Gloucester: for more than 50 years we've sailed from Gloucester harbor, just northeast of Boston proper.

We're neighbors with the visitor's center of The Whale Center of New England.

Our crew includes naturalists who've performed decades of research.

We're just 75 minutes by train from Boston's North Station and 45 minutes by car from Logan Airport.

You get to be part of the research team, using newly acquired "spotting" skills as you're whale watching. Boston, MA area whale watch opportunities don't get better than this!

We're equally dedicated to our customers and the whales they come to see. Touring with us is a great way to start getting involved in learning about whales and how we can protect them.

More information:

Whale Watching Boston MA

We invite you to browse our Boat & Crew page to see who will be on deck when you go on one of our Boston whale watching tours, departing from Gloucester. While we're most concerned with providing inspiring, educational experiences and safety, we also want to be sure you have a wonderful, relaxing time. See details about our specially designed boat that provides a smooth ride and lots of room, both to see the whales and other wildlife and for general comfort. The Miss Cape Ann is also built to take you to where the whales are quickly so you'll have more time for whale watching. Boston, MA and the surrounding area is no stranger to those who love the ocean and ocean wildlife, which is good for us. It means the crew you see pictured here is the best of the best. With the credentials and skills to provide the area's best Boston whale watch and the commitment and friendly demeanor to make you feel both pampered and informed, the Capt. Bill and Sons crew is really the backbone of this operation. Of course, the whales and other wildlife are what matter: read on to find out more about our tours that take you to see them.

Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch
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Sightings Guaranteed. Adjacent to the Visitor Center of New England.
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