Memorial weekend whale watching

Yet another great weekend for whale watching at Capt. Bill’s Whale Watch.  We spent most of our Memorial weekend at the Southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank, pretty close to Provincetown, surrounded by active and HUNGRY humpback whales!

Saturday’s trips saw sightings of 15-20 Humpbacks, 2 Fin whales and 4-5 scattered Minke whales. Both trips got great looks at all different types of typical humpback behaviors and activity!

The 9 am trip saw bubble netting and were lucky enough to also see a double breach! Identified humpbacks were Canopy, Anchor & calf, Perseid, Pogo, Fracture, Bounce, Midnight, Tongs, Etch-a-sketch, Music, Ventisca, and Compass’ 2008 calf.

The 2 pm trip got great looks at one of our humpbacks ‘Ganesh’ Flipper slapping and Etch-a-sketch kick feeding right near the boat! Other identified humpbacks were Alphorn, Centipede, Cajun, and Circus.

Sunday there were lots of whales all around the boat. We saw lobtailing, flipper slapping, lots of activity close to the boat, open mouth feeding, kick feeding and even a couple spy hops. Whales ID’d were Ganesh, Etch a sketch, Wizard, Circus, Sanchal, Putter, and Anchor & calf. We also saw 1 minke whale.

Monday was another unbelievable day on Stellwagen Bank. Whales everywhere feeding up a storm. We saw numerous activities including lunge feeding, kick feeding, bubble feeding open mouth feeding, lob tailing, flipper slapping and a couple distant breaches.We also had 3 mother/calf pairs, two of which were Rapier and Anchor- what a great sign! Whales ID’d were Ventisca, Eruption Echo,Circus, Ganesh, Centipede, Ravine, Pogo, Wizard, Etch a sketch, Shards, Fracture, and Black Hole. One the moms with a calf was Rapier, and another was Anchor.

Thank you to Mandy and Doreen for sending us unbelievable pics of their weekend out with us! There are so many to choose from I had a hard time picking which ones to post. Hope you all enjoy!








Our Next trip is on Friday 6/1 @ 10:30 am

Come join us for the best whale watch EVER!

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