Close whales are good whales

Saturday made for two unbelievable whale watch trips on the very Southern tip of Stellwagen Bank! We had a 3 species day. We saw humpbacks, minke’s, and fin whales. Humpbacks  ID’d were Division, Barb, Black Hole, Ventisca, Wizard, and Doric. Whale activities we saw were kick feeding, and bubble feeding.  Also caught a glimpse of a harbor seal. Finally a nice sunny day! Check out the pics below from Mandy and Doreen! You guys are AWESOME!

Sunday and Mondays trips took us to Jeffreys Ledge and you all will be happy to know we only had to travel about 10-15 miles out! You know its going to be a good trip when you already have great whales with the Gloucester coastline still in sight.   The trip on Monday got some great looks at Owl, Half moon, and Pregunta.   The whales were deep feeding and coming pretty close to the boat. Incredible finish to the end of the trip when Owl swam right under the boat and came up on the other side- heading straight for a huge patch of sand eels. Everyone say a little prayer to the Whale Gods that these whales stay this close all summer!! :)





kick feeding



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