Weekend whale watch recap

One of the best words to describe this weekend, HOT! And another two words to describe it, CLOSE WHALES.

Friday 6/22 was one of the hottest days of the year so far, what better pace to be than on a boat? On our 10:30 trip we saw bubble feeding by a Humpback named Orbit, Scylla & calf tail breaching, full body breaching, and lunge feeding, and were extremely lucky to have Tulip and her calf playing with the boat. Check out these pics!





Saturday’s 6/23 whale watch on Stellwagen Bank brought fierce weather for the ride home. We saw 4 fin whales, a few minke whales and 2 mom and calf pairs. Scylla and calf and Boomerang and calf. Also a distant basking shark breaching! Some spectacular colors in the sky in the evening, including a rainbow!




Sundays 6/24 whale watching brought us to Stellwagen Bank to get some looks at a few fin whales, a few minke whales, and Hancock bubble feeding and filtering 3 MILES OFF SHORE! Check out these pictures- notice the LAND (Eastern Point) in the background. You could swim to shore he was so close!


eastern point

So far, it has been a great season for whale watching at Capt. Bill’s!  And with the Fiesta coming up this week, tourist season in Gloucester will be in full swing. We have had good weather so far, active whales on almost every trip (with tons of great pics to prove it!), and most importantly- lots of appreciative customers. If you come to Capt. Bills for a whale watch, we would love to hear about your experience!  We are a small family business and largely depend on word of mouth, reviews and recommendations from our customers. Let us know what you think, and spread the word on sites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Insider pages!

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