Recent sightings report

7/17/12 Tuesdays whale watches brought us to Jeffrey’s Ledge. The morning whale watch identified humpbacks Clamp & Calf, Halfmoon, Zorro, and Seal. They got good looks at mom & calf, Seal logging, and breaching/tail breaching from Zorro! The afternoon didn’t have to travel too far to get some close looks at one of our favorite humpbacks, Ebony, deep feeding and traveling!

Recent humpback identifications include:

Freckles, Columbia, Stingray, Pinball & calf, Boomerang & calf, Sedge, Scylla & calf, Fulcrum, Pepper, Pogo, Bounce, Shuffleboard, Pumba, and Fracture.

Who is your favorite humpback???

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