Weekend sightings Report

What a weekend for amazing & active whales!

8/17/12- PERFECT whale watching day! On this bright and calm summer day, combined both trips saw 13-16 humpback whales.  Humpbacks identified were Cantilever, Ember, Rapier, Columbia, Draco, Doric, Sirius, Sloop & Calf, Fulcrum, Nile, Pixar, Longboard, and Scylla & Calf. As for activity, the morning trip saw close to boat looks and logging (resting) right next to the boat.  The afternoon trip saw Breaching! Breaching! and more Breaching! by Longboard. What a show!



8/ 18/12- Great sightings and great weather we had for Saturday’s trip! Including more BREACHING from Pumba on the morning trip and more BREACHING from Scylla’s calf on the afternoon trip

We were lucky enough to have a BUNCH of our regular whale watch customers to join us for a fantastic weekend for whale watching! You all know who you are! Thanks for coming guys, I’m sure we will see you all soon! :)  Photo credit below goes to Mandy and Doreen.  Check out our facebook page to check out even more great pics from Elaine and Jenn!








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