Saving the Whales! Japanese whaling has been stopped!

Years and years of conservation efforts and research from all around the world to stop whaling in Japan have finally paid off.  Yesterday the UN Court ordered that the hunt for whales for “scientific purposes” is to stop immediately, after finding there was little to no “science” involved at all.  This incident is one of the major leaps for whale conservation and whaling since the International Whaling Commission established a global moratorium for commercial harvests in 1986!  Big shout out to some of the biggest and more publicized global efforts to stop whaling coming from Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and Sea Shepherd Conservation, and even locally from our very own affiliate the Whale Center of New England &  Mason Weinrich! It’s events like this that show how hard work really does pay off.  It was a good day here at Capt. Bill’s Whale watch. :)

For more info you can check out the article here

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