Great start of season!

We can now say the whale watching season has officially begun!  LOTS of great stuff going on down here at Capt. Bill’s!  So far we have been on 4 trips, and all four have been fantastic!  Two of those trips each spotted 12-15 humpback whales!  Other sightings include fin whales, minke whales, seals, and porpoises.  Good signs for the start of a successful season!

The humpbacks identified in the past 4 trip have been:

Hancock,  Pleats,  Jabiru,  Vulture,  Pepper,  Geometry,  Glowstick & calf,  Springboard,  Cajun,  Aswan,  Daffodil,  Measles and Bolide!


Jabiru, Glowstick & Calf


A breach from Glowstick’s little calf


Kick-feeding next to the boat!

Want to experience the best whale watch north of Boston? Make your summer vacation plans now!  Our MAY SCHEDULE we will be going out Weekdays @ 10:30 AM and Weekends 9AM & 2PM (all subject to availability due to weather and attendance) Please call our office for the most up-to-date marine forecast and availability @ 1-800-33-WHALE.

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