May 26th & 27th Sightings report

If you haven’t been on a whale watch yet this season, now may be the time to go! We had some amazing trips last weekend, and hoping for the same this weekend coming up! On our May 26 whale watch we saw a mother calf pair, but we didn’t stay with them because there was some real exciting action with humpbacks Samara and Aswan. They played with the boat for over an hour! Samara tail breached multiple times, flipper slapped, and we saw some spy hops! We also passed a basking shark on the way back to Gloucester.




On our May 27th trip we had a fantastic day on Stellwagen Bank! Thank goodness the sand lance have returned to the feeding grounds. Hopefully this will keep up for the rest of the season.  It was quite rough, but it brought out the best in our humpback friends. We saw a pair of fin whales, who gave us some excellent looks. Then we had large groups of humpbacks who were open mouth feeding. There were some many humpbacks we didn’t even know where to look! Humpbacks that were ID’d were Geometry, Draco, Octave, Cajun, Jabiru and Isthmus and calf. Some of the behaviors we saw were kick feeding, open mouth feeding, dragging and Isthmus calf breached, tail breached and was rolling around.


The afternoon we had eight humpbacks including Nile and calf, and Amulettwo fin whales, and six or seven minke whales.Amulet was kick feeding, and open mouth feeding, and we saw some distant breac

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