6/23/14 Whale Watch

Monday 6/23/14  Sightings blog & pictures from our Naturalist Dianna:

Beautiful seas on Monday’s whale watch! It doesn’t get much calmer than that! We ventured out towards Tillies Bank where we have been seeing whales on our past few trips. Sure enough, some whales were still there!  We came across our first pair of humpbacks, Tear and Fern.  As we watched them for a bit, we spotted more blows in the distance. Whales seemed to be all over the place! We maneuvered towards a small group and found Daffodil with a couple other whales, and Xylem on the periphery.

But that wasn’t all that was there. A team from the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary was here to place digital suction cup tags on humpback whales. These non-invasive tags show researchers how the whale moves underwater, when we can no longer see it. The tags record things like the whale’s pitch, roll, heading, sounds and more! Also, a team was here placing a Critter Cam (as seen on National Geographic) on one of the whales! Very cool to see science and documentaries all in the same place!

critter cam IMG_4487

critter cam IMG_4537

Flu IMG_4501

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