JULY 10th Whale Watch

Guest Blog post from our Naturalist Tina Ciarametaro

Stellwagen Bank was overflowing at the brim today with whales.  What another spectacular day to be at sea.  Beautiful weather, calm seas and incredibles whales.  Both trips were treated to at least 15-20 whales, some different on each trip.  Our afternoon trip also encountered at least a dozen Minke whales and 4 Finback whales within 2 miles the the breakwater in Gloucester.

The Sand Lances were in such abundance that the surface of the water looked to be percolating!  Hundreds of gulls and shearwaters skimmed the surface for a mid day snack (not to mention those birds brave enough to dive into the open jaw of the humpback whale!) Feeding behaviors that we witnessed were lob-tail feeding, blowing bubble clouds/nets and surfacing with their mouths wide open, chin-breaching, tail-breaching, Pec-slapping and mother nursing her calf.  A naturalist’s dream look around the boat and see whales on all sides!

Some pictures from the trips are below!



Open mouth feeding with a great shot of  baleen

IMG_3057 (1)

Flippers and tales glowing green under the sea water


Beautiful fluke shot


Mama and calf humpback swimming along

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