July 22nd Whale Watch report

Blog post from Naturalist Dianna Schulte:

Sunny skies, calm seas and lots of whales! What else could you ask for??

Today’s trips brought us back to Stellwagen Bank where the humpback whale activity has been very good the past few days.  On the morning trip, we started with a group of 3 adult whales and a calf: Bayou, Pepper, Nile and her calf!  Nile’s calf was doing a bit of resting at the surface while mom and her friends foraged for fish. Even a busy baby humpback whale needs to nap now and then!

In the area were many more humpback whales including a group of at least 9! This group even included 3 mom/calf pairs!! At one point, the moms all dove, and all three calves were at the surface together! It was like a humpback calf nursery!   Two of the moms were identified as Milkweed and Perseid, while Soot, Cajun and Aerospace were with them.

We spotted several more humpback whales on the periphery, including Pele, but soon it was time to head home.

The afternoon trip was equally impressive. The groups from this morning seemed to have broken up a bit. We saw Pepper briefly traveling to the SE with another whale that we haven’t ID’ed yet.   Aerospace was now spending time with Northstar, who has a relatively new injury on its back and was flipper slapping and even tail breaching! Milkweed and Perseid, and their respective calves, were now with Pele and another whale.  Lots of active calf-play today too with the calves rolling upside down and one even opened its mouth at the surface!

Excellent day by far!!

Photos from our 9AM trip:

Aerospace sm IMG_6494

Humpback named Aerospace taking a dive

Bayou sm IMG_6304

Humpback named Bayou diving as well

Cajun sm IMG_6399

A fluke from Cajun, one of our known humpbacks

Milkweed and calf sm IMG_6405

Milkweed and calf (flipper slapping)

Photos from 2PM trip:

calf with mom sm IMG_6612

Mom and calf, traveling close together on the feeding grounds

Northstar sm IMG_6559

Humpback Northstar putting on a little show with a tail breach..

Northstar sm IMG_6818

AND flipper slapping

Pele sm IMG_6684

Pele’s fluke

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