August 25th Whale Watch

Blog Post from Naturalist Diana

“What a gorgeous day on the ocean! Today’s trip was another long one to the southern end of Stellwagen Bank, but the seas were perfect for the voyage.   As we came into the area where the whales were today, we saw a trio of humpbacks near some other boats. We kept our distance and waited our turn, as  not to crowd the endangered whales. But then we spotted 2 more spouts close by.  We left the group and headed towards the pair. This was a humpback whale named Nile and her calf!  As we approached, the pair dove and we got to see Nile’s unique flukes showing the marking of the Nile River for which she was named.  When the pair resurfaced, they decided it was nap time, and they just floated at the surface ignoring us and the other whale watching boat completely. These whales certainly knew that we were there but it seemed they were not at all concerned.  We watched these 2 doze for about a half hour and even watched a curious Corys shearwater (cool offshore bird) buzz the pair a couple of times! But soon the trio of humpbacks was getting closer so slowly moved away from the sleepy pair (don’t wake the baby!) to see who these whales were.

The other humpback whales were Pele, Eruption and Storm. This group consistently would come up to the surface with Pele spouting first, followed by Eruption and then Storm. They would also dive in this order. There is still so much we don’t understand about whale behavior! Eruption was the largest whale in this group, and she was the only definite female (females are larger than males when full-grown).  This trio was also seen together yesterday. How much longer will they hang out? We don’t know! But we are looking forward to heading back out to see who we might find tomorrow!”

Storm, Eruption sm IMG_9724

Humpbacks Storm & Eruption

Corys shearwater sm IMG_9695

Cory’s Shearwater

Great shearwater sm  IMG_9675

Great Shearwater

Nile sm IMG_9669

One of our infamous Humpbacks, Nile.

Pele sm IMG_9744

Humpback Pele taking a dive

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