May 25 Memorial Day

From Naturalist Laura:

It was a hazy, overcast day on the Miss Cape Ann, but that did not prevent us from seeing whales!  We had to take a bit of a ride to the south before we found anything.  But, finally, with Cape Cod in view, we came across Zeppelin, for our first sighting of the day.  She was traveling by herself, but in an area with a lot of other whales within close range. Zeppelin We slowly picked our way through about 10 more humpbacks, with probably about 5-8 more in the area that we did not get a chance to get a close look at.  The sightings for the day included Jabiru and her first calf; it is always great to see a new cow/calf pair on Stellwagen.  It always reminds me that as long as we give these whales a place to come back to, they will hopefully continue to bring new calves here and the population will continue to rebound.Jabiru and calf In addition to Jabiru and calf, we saw Tornado, Milkweed, Nile, Owl, Perseid, and Storm.


2 humpbacks

gray seal

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