May 29

From Naturalist Laura:

We left Gloucester harbor in beautiful conditions, with our hopes high for a great day on the water.  There were reports of whales on Tillies Bank, half way between Stellwagen Bank and Jeffreys Ledge, so we set our sights in that direction.  Unfortunately, it quickly became abundantly obvious that fog was going to be a problem for us.  We spent almost two hours looking around Tillies Bank in thick fog, barely able to see 1/10th of a mile in front of us.  Finally, with disappointment, we had to make the decision to head home.

However, all was not lost and Captain Dave saved the day.  On our way back to Gloucester he saw a grey back break out of the fog, and a gorgeous fin whale emerged.  We were able to get right along side it multiple times before we lost it in the fog again. It is possible there were two fin whales in that small hole of visibility, but we were never able to confirm that.



Pemetic This just in- the fin whale we were close to was identified as Pemetic, who was first seen in 1982!

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