June 4 Intern Training Day

From Naturalist Laura:

Days like today are what keep me coming back.  Today was training day for the new Blue Ocean Society interns.

2015 Interns

As we left the harbor we were hoping to show the new interns (and passengers) a good sample of the whales and behaviors we normally see on Stellwagen Bank.  It was a beautiful, clear, day,which was a welcome change of pace from our last week of foggy/rough/rainy weather.  We ended up traveling quite a ways, Cape Cod was visible, before we came across any whales.  Our first whale was a humpback, who, based on length, is likely a juvenile.  This whale was keeping a very low profile at first, there was not much of a visible blow, and it was traveling with most of its body beneath the surface.  We were just above to leave when it tail breached, and then started lobtailing.


The passengers got some really good looks as it swam under the bow; the calm water allowed them to see the whole body of the whale.  Eye of the whale

We then decided to move on, there were a number of other whales in the area and we wanted to see who else was out there.  Our next humpback was Flamingo’s 2014 calf.  Right from the get go the animal was flipper slapping, and continually going from one side of the boat to the other.

humpback flipper


All in all it was a great day, we had three species including about 6 humpbacks in the area, a fin whale, and three minke whales.  If our next trip is half as good as today we’ll be happy whale watchers!

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