July 28th Trip

Wow What a day on the water! The weather and the whales are finally cooperating with us.  Today we probably saw about 30 humpbacks between the two trips, including 8 mother & calf pairs!  Some of them include:

Lavalier & calf, Purity & calf, Isthmus & calf, Reflection & calf, Rapier & calf, Follicle & calf, Anchor & calf, Unknown & calf, Isosceles, Buzzard, Habanero, Polaris, Tunguska, Dome, Circuit, Right Bar, Cajun, Compass, Barb, Ghost, Coral, Salt and 5 that we didn’t identify.

Some behaviors we saw were bubble feeding, kick feeding, nursing, flipper slapping, lobtailing, tail breaching, and Breaching!  A little bit of everything! Lets hope every day stays like this for the rest of the season…

Real comments read from our July 28th comment cards:

        ” Memorable more so because of the clear relationship with,  and care for, the whales we have seen- Awe inspiring. Thank you”  Jennie, UK

” It was fantastic! I loved the info provided & emphasis on conservation. It was amazing seeing the whales. The staff was wonderful too.Thank you!”  - Chris, IL



Here is a picture we were sent from Mondays Trip

Whale Watch 719

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