June 10

From Naturalist Laura-

Today we were fortunate enough to find whales a little closer to Gloucester.  Lately, we have had quite a transit to get to whales, so it was nice to spend more time with the animals and less time traveling.  We started out with what we thought to be about three fin whales.  We quickly realized there were more fin whales in the area than we previously believed.  It was difficult to stay with just one animal, but they were behaving in such a way that there seemed to always be at least one (usually more like three or four) at the surface at the same time.


Our last fin whale of the day was an individual named Loon.   Loon has an exceptionally hooked dorsal fin, making her a little easier to recognize than your standard fin whale.


At this point we started to make the journey home.  Captain Dave decided to take the “scenic route” and pass through an area we had not been looked in a while.  Sure enough, our scouting mission paid off.  We were delighted to see a humpback whale named Wizard on our trip back to Gloucester.


We spent a few dive cycles with Wizard, and the passengers were treated to a great look of her along-side the boat.  Another great day on the Miss Cape Ann.

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