June 15

From Naturalist Laura

Today we left Gloucester harbor in rain, wind, and cold.  It felt almost like an early April whale watch.  We tried to not let the weather dampen our spirits.  We started our journey that has been typical of this season, all the way to the southern part of Stellwagen bank.  Upon arrival we found a number of humpbacks.  There seem to be a few individuals who have taken up residence for the last couple of weeks, including Bilbo and her calf.  We first found the calf, who appeared to be by itself, lobtailing and tail breaching.  Unfortunately for the calf, it has a few scars on it making it identifiable with out Bilbo being around.  We spent a while with the calf before Bilbo made her presence known.  Over the years this seems to be typical behavior of Bilbo, she often seems to appear out of no where, holding true to her name.  Bilbo logged close by while the calf continued to tail breach.  There were a number of other humpback whales in the area that I need to compare with the catalog to determine their names.  Luckily, by the end of the trip the rain had cleared a little bit, making the ride home at least a little dryer.

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