June 18

From Naturalist Laura-

Apparently Bilbo (aka Spoon) and her calf  are going to be the “regulars” for the 2015 season.  We had another great trip on the Miss Cape Ann that started with this cow/calf pair.  We got to watch them logging, or sleeping, at the surface for quite a while.  This is always a nice way for passengers to really get a look at just how big these animals are.

Sighting conditions today were pretty good, so we were easily able to see other whales in the area.  We moved on to another pair of logging animals.  One of the animals, with a squared off dorsal, has also been a regular on our last few trips.  While we were watching these two, Wizard’s 2014 calf surfaced in the distance. We’ve had this whale a couple of times this season, and I’m happy we finally figured out who it is.

We decided to follow this individual, who lead us to Nile, Pitcher, and an unknown juvenile, all flipper slapping.  We also saw two bottling gray seals, which always seem to be every passenger’s favorite!

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