June 19

From Naturalist Laura-

Consistency is the name of the game, right now, on Stellwagen Bank.  Consistency is great for the whales that we can identify, but day after day there are a few juveniles, kicking around, that are killing me because I can’t figure out who they are!  Today we had Wizard’s 2014 calf with Mostaza’s 2014 calf, and Bilbo and calf, and one unknown juveniles.  It is definitely a younger crowd on Stellwagen these days (minus Bilbo of course who we’ve been watching since the ’70’s).  I think we got a look at every part of Bilbo’s calf’s body, which kept spyhopping, presumably to get a look around above the surface.  While this was going on, Bilbo quietly logged.  It was another beautiful day on Stellwagen, it feels like summer might actually be here!

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