June 20

From Naturalist Laura-

Today I had my first two trip day of the season, signifying the fact that whale watch season is in full swing.  We found out on this morning’s trip that the whales that had been holding their ground on southern Stellwagen had moved.  The only whales left behind were Bilbo (also known as Spoon) and her calf, and even they had moved a bit further to the north.  Bilbo slept, for the third day in a row, while the calf traveled along side.Spoon and calf

For the afternoon trip, we decided to take a little bit of a risk, heading easterly to get a closer look at the northwest corner of Stellwagen.  In some years, we will spend the entire season on the NW corner, but this year, since we’ve had such a long ride to the south every day, we have barely even had time to look there for whales.  Our gamble paid off when we found two very large fin whales traveling together.  One of these individuals was Ladder, a male first sighted in 1984!Ladder

After spending a bit of time with this pair we continued to the south.  The wind and waves were picking up so we were relieved to find Bilbo and calf again.  Only this time, while Bilbo slept, the calf was tail breaching and lobtailing.  This calf is definitely starting to grow on me as the season progresses.Spoon 2015 calf


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