June 27

From Naturalist Laura

Buona Fiesta! St. Peter’s Fiesta has taken over Gloucester this weekend! I spent my Fiesta Saturday on two whale watches.  After a few days of Scylla being the only humpback we could find on Stellwagen we were happy to see a few of our old stand by’s have moved back into the area.  Bilbo and her calf seem like they have been sleeping for about two weeks straight at this point.  Scylla was on southern Stellwagen and heading north (hopefully to meet us on the NW corner of Stellwagen sometime soon!).  And, Nile and Pitcher seemed like they were feeding along the ocean’s bottom, we think this occurs when a whale is continually switching directions, surfaces with a little more gusto than a typical surfacing, and you can see water pouring out of the sides of their mouth.


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