June 30

From Naturalist Dianna

What an incredible day on Stellwagen Bank! After many trips of running 30 miles to see one or a couple of whales, today we were surprised with dozens of whales only about 17 miles from home!  Everywhere we looked, we saw spouts, tails, breaches and flippers. At one point, 4 whales were breaching all together, one right after the other! I’ve never seen anything like it.  Throughout the trip, we witnessed a pair of whales coming close to our boat and checking us out (Pinch and Powerline), a whale exhibiting some amazing kick-style and bubble cloud feeding (Reaper), a tail-lobbing whale (Colt) and many others just cruising through the area. We also had close approaches by a basking shark and a blue shark, and a minke whale in the distance. The shearwaters were out in force with Cory’s dominating the scene.  It was really wonderful to see Stellwagen come back to life! As we always say, every trip is different and we look forward to seeing what we’ll find tomorrow.

One Response to “June 30”

  1. Esther Markopoulos Says:

    It truly was an amazing day!!! So much so no one wanted the day to finish. We were thrilled to see some amazing behavior. The amount of twirling around and how closely we saw their fins not just the tails was unbelievable. Also a bird was sited that hasn’t been seen in these parts. Cant remember the name of it. My friends from Atlanta had never been and they loved it. We encountered two very nice ladies from Michigan whose husbands were on an all day fishing trip. They too were on vacation and loved it.