July 5, 9:00 trip

From Naturalist Dave,

Another beautiful morning and early afternoon on the water today for those passengers motivated enough to drag themselves down to the dock the morning after a late night of 4th of July fireworks. We once again traveled over 30 miles south of Gloucester to Cape Cod for some excellent close up looks at a total of 6 humpbacks including Pitcher, a female born in 07, the 34 year old matriarch Scylla (mother of 10 calves thus far), Bilbo and her newborn calf, as well as 2 additional humpbacks traveling together that we were unable to identify. All 6 animals were very “cooperative”, allowing us to follow along as they lumbered about the coastal waters off Provincetown, MA. There was limited evidence of some feeding below the surface as one animal emerged to take a breath while filtering water through it’s baleen. In addition to the whales, there were a tremendous number of birds floating and flying about in the vicinity of the whales, primarily greater and sooty shearwaters, perhaps angling for some of the fish left behind by the whales. All and all, a great day to finish off the long holiday weekend.

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