July 7 2:00 trip

From Naturalist Dianna

What a spectacular day with Spoon (aka Bilbo) and her calf!! We had to travel to the southern end of Stellwagen Bank to find this active pair, but it was well worth the drive. Spoon has the reputation of being pretty lazy, often found sleeping and barely lifting her big tail out of the water.  When we first came upon the pair, they were lounging at the surface, side by side, and not fluking (diving).  Pretty typical behavior for this this large mother. After about 10 minutes, Spoon rolled on her side and slowly lifted her flipper in the air, waved it back and forth a few times, and then slowly rolled back over. That was a lot of effort for this whale! I’ve been watching her for 20 years and I’ve never seen her do anything besides breath and dive! Spoon

Well, that was just the start of it. Spoon decided to prove me wrong and started tail-breaching and her calf began to full-breach!

Spoon's calf

It was incredible! So much activity from this pair!

Spoon Spoon's flipper and her calf's flukesSpoon and calf

Well, the other whale watch boats in the area saw that we had the best activity and soon they came over to check out the action.  As we left, Spoon had begun to spend more time underwater (perhaps feeding) while her calf continued to roll and slap its flippers.  Such a fun afternoon of whale watching!

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