July 9

From Naturalist Laura

Today we made the long steam to southern Stellwagen Bank.  We have definitely been wracking up the miles on the Miss Cape Ann this summer.  So far I have done 27 trips; if each round-trip is on average 60 nautical miles, I’ve traveled about 1320 nautical miles, just going up and down Stellwagen Bank.  With that amount of mileage Capt. Dave and I could have sailed from Boston to Havana Cuba, the way the crow flies, and still had about 400 nautical miles to spare.  These long steams looking for whales gives me time to ponder things such as this.

Anyway, when we got to southern Stellwagen we started our trip off with a fin whale.  After two surfacings we realized this whale was not really going to be overly easy to track and follow, so we decided to move a little bit to the north and came across Nile and Pitcher, slowly traveling for the most part.  Just a little ways to the north of Nile and Pitcher was Northstar.  We got a great look at all three animals before having to head back towards Gloucester.

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