July 11

From Naturalist Laura

We had two great trips out on Stellwagen today.  In our first trip we followed Scylla around for a while as she erratically traveled and fed.  But, our efforts paid off when we went  to take one last look and she did a full breach right next to the boat!  This afternoon we went a little bit to the east of where we were in the morning and were rewarded with some whales that I haven’t seen out here all season!  We watched Fulcrum kick feeding while her calf lazily rolled and flipper slapped.  Occasionally, the calf would imitate Fulcrum’s kick feeding style, doing a few kicks of it’s own.  The area was thick with sand lance, and a lot of the passengers were surprised to see an animal as big as a whale feeds on something that is only about the size of a pencil and an ounce in weight.  We moved off of Fulcrum and her calf to find Nile traveling with Jenga.  It was nice to see Nile has switched things up a little bit, it seems like she has been traveling with Pitcher for weeks now.  We continued on to find Lariat feeding with Northstar, and Wyoming traveling through the same area.

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