July 14

From Naturalist Dianna

Although we started our day off with some showers, the day cleared up nicely and we found some really awesome whales. The first pair we came upon was a mother fin whale with her calf!  Fin whales are the second largest animal on the planet and to be able to show off this often-overlooked species was pretty cool. This mom was identified as #0417 with a new notch in her fin and a new scar on her back. Fin whale mom

Fin whale mom

Fin whale calf

We found a third fin whale nearby but this one wasn’t nearly as cooperative as the mom and calf so we continued on.  Soon we spotted some blows up ahead. Humpback whales were around! Two of these were together and even spouting and diving together. The first was Nile, one of our regulars (born in 1987) and the other was Perseid (born in 1998). Both are females and gave us some incredible looks as they kept surfacing right next to the boat as we sat waiting for them. Pretty incredible!!Nile Perseid



On our way back towards Gloucester, we encountered another pair of humpback whales- Spoon and her calf!! Today, Spoon (also known as Bilbo) were acting pretty typical, for Spoon anyway. She has the reputation of being a very large, and lazy, whale. Today she was just slowly swimming near the surface while the calf nursed, alternating which side of Spoon it surfaced on.


Spoon 2015 calf

A quick seal popped up, and at times we were surrounded by soaring shearwaters of 3 species! Very cool day!Corys shearwaters

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