July 15

From Naturalist Dianna

This afternoon’s whale watch started off glassy calm- perfect for searching for whales! When we reached the southern end of Stellwagen Bank, we started to see blows all over. Lots of humpback whales were around- some trios, some pairs and some singles. Our first 2 whales were Ventisca and a yet to be ID’ed whale. After a couple really close looks at US, these whales split up.



Ventisca Ventisca

Ventisca took off to the east and other whale hung out with a single whale, Storm.


Eventually, this pair broke up too, and Storm began to feed, blowing bubble clouds and coming up in them with water streaming out of her mouth. Storm IMG_7396


As we started to head for home, we saw some more  blows. This turned out to be a mother and calf pair! The mom was a humpback whale named Habenero, the calf of the famous Pepper! So the calf is one of Pepper’s grand-calves!  It’s really pretty awesome to be able to recognize these whales and know about their life histories. Habenero

Habenero 2015 calf

We also had some close looks at 2 seals- one gray seal and one harbor seal.  As we headed home, the wind really started to pick up. We are lucky to have the calm seas for as long as we did!gray seal

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