July 17, 9:00 trip

From Naturalist Dave,

It was a beautiful morning on the ocean. Glass calm seas with only a faint breeze, the weather was perfect for whale watching. After traveling 28 miles from port to the southern end of Stellwagen Bank, the patience of passengers, captain and crew were rewarded with a trio of Humpbacks traveling, diving and napping together. We were treated to some up close looks at the trio as they took a series of cat naps we scientists refer to as “logging behavior” right next to our boat. The whales were identified as Fracture (a male 1st sighted in 1990), Perseid (a female born in 1998 with an almost completely black tail fluke) and Nile (a female born in 1987 with a mark on her the left side of her fluke that resembles the Nile River). It appeared as though Perseid was the ring leader being the 1st to dive following each surfacing, followed by her pair of 40 ton associates. As we turned back to the north towards home, we encountered yet another napping humpback which we later identified as Music! We also witnessed some interesting aerial behavior (tail breaching and lob-tailing) with accompanying white water from another more frisky humpback in the distance. All this along with a drive by of some lunge – feeding minke whales made for a great Friday at sea.

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