July 21

From Naturalist Dianna

Today was the first day of the summer where it was actually hot on the ocean when the boat stopped to see the whales! Summer is definitely here! We traveled to Stellwagen Bank again and found 6 humpback whales a couple of minke whales. The whales were mellow this afternoon- slow surface traveling and not diving much. This is actually great for our viewing since the whales were staying at the surface for most of the time and not diving for 10+ minutes! Our first pair of humpbacks were identified as Perseid and Storm- both females. Next we found Tear, an adult male. A trio of humpbacks rounded out the day and this included Northstar and we thought maybe Hippocampus and a yet-to-be identified whale. But upon further review, I don’t believe we had Hippo.  We’ll need to do a bit more work to figure out who the mystery whales were with Northstar! Thanks for joining us!

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