July 28

From Naturalist Dianna

After a rocky weekend, it was nice to come out on the ocean and be greeted by calm seas!  Both of our trips took us to the southern end of Stellwagen Bank where we found 2 young humpback whales spending time together.  Although both of these whales are quite distinctive, we still aren’t sure who they are! This morning one of the whales “spy-hopped”, lifting its head vertically out of the water! This afternoon, this same whale rolled on its side and slapped its flipper on the surface several times!  At various points both whales were hanging out at, or just below, the surface, but keeping their bright flippers visible to us underwater. As we headed home this afternoon, we were treated to a quick look at a close minke whale! This minke was really big- at least 30 feet long! Such a great way to spend a hot and humid day!

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