July 29

From Naturalist Dianna

Another hazy, hot and humid day on shore today. Thankfully being out on the ocean was much more comfortable! Our morning whale watch found 3 humpback whales relatively close to Gloucester- only about 24 miles!! This year the whales have been pretty far away so 24 miles seemed like a real treat.  We found a humpback whale named Pele first and then moved on to a pair. One of these was ID’ed as Ridgeline and the other is still a mystery.

This afternoon, we headed to where we left the whales in the morning but no whales were to be found. This happens, as whales have tails and certainly use them!  So we kept searching. Finally, after more than 2 hours of traveling, we spotted a blow off our starboard side. This one blow turned into several, which turned into many!! We had 8-10 humpback whales all in the area! Some of these whales were traveling in groups of 2-5, and others were alone. One of the whales jumped out of the water while possibly the same whale began to flipper-slap! This was really an incredible trip with so many whales all together!  We are still working on identifying them all but some of our whales were Pele (who had moved over 10 miles since the morning trip), Raccoon,  Citation, Greenbean and Milkweed. The birding was also pretty good with shearwaters, Wilson’s storm petrels and gannets in the neighborhood.

whales IMG_8065

whales IMG_7990

Raccoon IMG_8226

flipper IMG_8234

Gannet IMG_8049

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