Aug 4

The threat of thunderstorms didn’t scare away our passengers, or the whales, this afternoon. In spite of the dark cloud following us for most of the trip, we managed to stay mostly dry and even had the unique opportunity to be watching whales with lightning in the background!  We found 14-20 humpback whales on the southern end of Stellwagen Bank. Seems that this is the place to be if you are a humpback! Our first pair was a mother named Manhattan and her calf.  The pair was tail breaching over and over and sometimes in sync!Manhattan and calf

calf IMG_9265

We continued on and found a pile of whales- a group of 4, a mother with her calf and an “escort”, other pairs and singles all around!!  Wherever we looked, we could see spouts and splashes, tails and flippers!

calf IMG_9257

Hancock IMG_9203

Just as it was time to head home, we had one whale tail lobbing, another whale flipper slapping, and a calf breaching all at the same time! It was quite the phenomenal trip! Thanks to all our passengers for braving the forecast and venturing out with us!

clouds IMG_9314

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