August 12

After yesterday’s wind and rain, we were happy to get back out on the ocean today. Seas were calm with just a little swell left over from the stormy conditions.  As we headed to Stellwagen Bank, we passed a minke in the distance and then we saw that 2 other whale watch boats were with a couple of humpback whales so we passed by them to go in search of other activity that might be a bit further out. We really don’t like to crowd the whales so whenever we can, we avoid have more than 2 boats on them.  Not long after, we were greeted by a spout! This was another humpback whale. As we watched this one, we saw another spout close by. That seemed to be the trend for the afternoon. Each time we’d stop on a whale, we’d see 1-2 more spouts in the area. We moved from whale to whale and at one point had a pair together! As we were maneuvering to share these whales with the Sanctuary, one of the humpbacks jumped out of the water!!  Breaching is always what everyone wants to see but in actuality, it doesn’t happen all that often, surprising even the crew! This pair was comprised of 2 that we had seen separately earlier in the trip, one of which I just identified as Rapier’s calf from 2009 who hasn’t been named yet.

As we headed back to port, we encountered 2 more humpbacks. One was Eraser and the other Mogul. We didn’t have much time to spare but managed to get a couple looks at each. Great ending to our trip!

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