Aug 22

Despite some gloomy weather and some rough seas, we managed to have two great trips today! Thank you to our hardy passengers for braving the waves. On our morning trip, as we made our way to the southwest corner of Stellwagen, we came across two humpback whales travelling together. Another boat was watching them and we saw two blows just up ahead, so we ended up passing this pair and continuing to the other blows – it was another pair of humpback whales! These whales were being very calm, never even taking a dive. They were spouting and swimming along, and came right up to our starboard side! I was unable to identify these two as they never showed their tails! We then left the pair and made our way to a very familiar group in the area – Pele, Cajun and calf, and Jabiru and calf! This group was pretty curious, coming very close to our boat and swimming all around. Jabiru’s calf was doing some rolling around, and we even got one surprise full breach from Cajun’s calf!

On our afternoon trip we started off with a single unknown adult humpback whale. This whale was seemingly hanging out, swimming around and spouting – until it jumped clear out of the water, surprising us all! Most of the time when passengers see breaching, it’s calves or younger whales – this was a full grown adult humpback – super impressive to see. This whale did this not once, but twice! Another surprise breach – what an excellent sighting. We left this whale after a bit and moved on to the same group that was still scooting around the area – Pele, Cajun and calf, and Jabiru and calf. These whales were being very cooperative, swimming right up to us multiple times. At one point starting from our eleven o’clock position, they swam towards our bow and split off so we had whales swimming down both sides right next to us! Pele even gave us a head breach where it brought its chin out and slapped it on the surface. Great trips!

One Response to “Aug 22”

  1. Rikke Niebuhr Says:

    We had a great trip in the morning of the 22th August. Amazing to watch this whales so close up.