Aug 25

If the wind must blow, I am glad that it was southerly today, as we had to head south to find whales. That meant a bit of a bumpy ride to the whales, but a nice calm ride back home!  After a long trek down the Bank, we finally started to spot some spouts. The first whale was watched was pretty sleepy and that allowed us to get some nice looks at it as it just hung out near the surface.

Nile 2014 calf

We decided to go and check out another spout nearby and as we left, the whale began to breach! So obviously we turned around to watch this whale who was now very awake! We saw many breaches of all sorts and even some flipper slapping as the whale rolled over. Then this young whale, who we later identified as the 2014 calf of Nile, became a bit enamored with the other whale watching boat with us. The whale spyhopped right next to the boat giving the passengers and extremely close view! Sometimes young whales are a bit curious about boats and people.  I just wish we knew what it was thinking!

Nile 2014 calf

We continued on since this whale was clearly busy with the other boat and we spotted another breaching whale in the distance. Of course once we got there the whale stopped breaching, but we did finally get a great look at a tail as this whale, Ouija, dove down in typical humpback whale fashion.

OuijaAfter a few more sightings, and another look at that huge tail, it was time to go home.  The forecasted afternoon thunder storms held off and we had a lovely ride back to Gloucester.

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