Aug 26

We decided to mix things up a little bit today and head up to Jeffreys Ledge.  It was nice to have visibility (for a change), and get away from the heat and humidity on land.  We had one humpback whale, and there was another in the area.  We got some great looks at the animal’s fluke, so hopefully it will be an easy match when comparing it with the catalog of individuals.  NAHWC 0050 DSC_5580

NAHWC 0050 DSC_5571

NAHWC 0050 DSC_5568

We also saw a small pod of harbor porpoise on our way back towards Gloucester.  Captain Dave must have been feeling generous and treated the passengers to a tour of the Annisquam River on our way home.  It was a beautiful evening to pick out our dream house along the river and admire the salt marshes.Marsh DSC_5593

Marsh DSC_5590** This just in- our humpback whale is North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalog # 0050, making it the 50th whale to be identified, and it seems this whale was first seen in 1976!

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