Aug 27

Our morning trip took us 29 miles off shore to the Southern part of Stellwagen bank, where we found some familiar tails – Pele, Cajun, and Cajun’s calf. As we approached, we saw a breach! Cajun’s calf had jumped out of the water. As we got a bit closer, we got another back breach. The activity stopped as we moved in closer to the whales, but we still got great looks. It was a very sunny day so we could see right through the water and follow the whales swimming around by looking at the glowing green pectoral flippers – they’re white, but appear green under water because of all the phytoplankton in the water. We did get one more surprise breach from the calf, which I unfortunately missed for pictures! We did get some really close looks at these whales and could see just how huge they are as they swam right up to our starboard side for our last look.

As we were heading towards Stellwagen on the afternoon trip, we got a fabulous surprise. There was splashing ahead, and the consensus from the crew was that it was some Bluefin Tuna hopping around. We approached, and as we got closer – a basking shark jumped clear out of the water! I had never seen that before, it was really an incredible sighting. The shark jumped out of the water 4 times – I did get a picture of the last breach and as promised they’re attached to this blog post! Basking sharks are the second largest shark species in the world, and can reach lengths of 40 feet! Our passengers were very lucky to get a basking shark sighting like that. After the shark excitement, we continued on to just about the same spot we were in the morning and found that Pele, Cajun, and Cajun’s calf were still hanging around together. There were no breaches from whales this afternoon, but very nice looks nonetheless! They came very close, again approaching our Starboard side. We even got a fun rainbow spout from Pele, as the light hit the spout just right and made a rainbow! Very nice trips today, and that basking shark is something I’ll never forget!

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