Aug 29, 9:00 trip

From Naturalist Amy-

The weather was absolutely beautiful and calm this morning as we headed to the southeast corner of Stellwagen Bank! We spotted two spouts in the distance and arrived to find Cajun and her calf logging at the surface. The two came closer to the boat and as Cajun continued to log, the calf spy-hopped several times by raising  its rostrum straight out of the water! After a few more minutes, the two continued to rest and we saw a few more blows nearby so traveled a short distance where two whales were slowly traveling. We noticed something interesting on the left back of one of the whales – a satellite tag! We identified the tagged whale as Canopy, and it’s associate as Ase. Canopy was tagged as a part of a study earlier this summer. The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness and impacts of satellite tags. We were sure to take a few photos of the satellite tag and implant site to share with the researchers. It was so exciting to see an example of the important ongoing research of these amazing whales and to observe Cajun and her calf!

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