Aug 29, 2:00 trip

From Naturalist Allison

On our afternoon trip we had 4 humpback whales and a whole lot of activity! We started with a pair of humpbacks who were being a bit elusive and surfacing a bit far from us. One of them had a dorsal fin that looked like it had a bite taken out of it! We watched these two for a little but decided it was getting kind of crowded, so we moved off and watched some other humpbacks. These two were not associated, they just happened to be swimming around the same area. After a while we broke off and went back to our original two. We stayed put watching our original two humpbacks when we saw a whole lot of splashing in the distance – a humpback was jumping out of the water many times! We decided to leave our pair and try and go see the breacher, but that didn’t end up happening – as we were starting to make our way towards the breacher, our two humpbacks started breaching! One of them, the one with the piece missing from the dorsal fin, breached over and over again, giving us full spinning breaches and chin breaches. We also got to see some lobtailing, where t

he whale slaps its tail on the surface of the water repeatedly. The other whale with the breacher also breached a couple of times. It was so exciting to see all of this activity. We got great, close looks at all the breaching before we unfortunately ran out of time and had to go back to Gloucester! As we were leaving though, we could still see one of the whales jumping out more! Very cool sightings, breaching definitely doesn’t happen everyday and we were lucky to see so much of it. I was not able to identify the  whales we were watching today.

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