Aug 30

On our morning trip we traveled south on Stellwagen until we came across our first sighting – a humpback whale! This whale had a very unique dorsal fin with a lot of white markings and I recognized it from the previous day’s trip. It was a whale I had seen before, but unfortunately did not have an identification for it as I couldn’t find its flukes in the catalog. We watched this whale for a while and got awesome looks – the whale even approached our port side very close and swam in towards us. We were watching the whale’s flipper right under the water, but it suddenly disappeared – the whale had swam right under our boat and resurfaced off our starboard bow! Wow! Seeing the whale right under the water and it coming up very close to you is an amazing experience. Soon after we left our humpback and went to another blow in the area – there was another humpback swimming around. We only got a couple quick looks at this whale and it never showed its tail. There was also a third blow in the area, but we unfortunately ran short on time and had to head back.

Our afternoon trip took us a whopping 34 miles off shore for the majority of our sightings. We did have a single humpback that we stopped and watched for a few minutes on the way there, but only got a few looks as there was a lot of whale activity further down. We spent time with a group of 4 humpback whales – Cajun and her calf, Pele, and Mostaza.  As we were watching these 4, another whale popped up in the area, and before long, our group of 4 was a group of 5! Perseid, a female, had joined the group. We got very nice close looks at these 5 humpbacks, and the calf was being very active – it did one full breach, and then did a whole lot of flipper slapping and belly-up flipper slapping. We also saw a couple of tail breaches from the calf. At one point, the calf surfaced tail first and did a headstand, which was super fun to watch! As we came back in to Gloucester, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. Great trips today, thanks to our passengers for traveling a bit further out with us to find the whales!

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