Sept 6

Two great trips today! There were a lot of whales on the bank all in smaller groups. Our morning trip we spent time with a trio of very sleepy humpbacks who spent a lot of time “logging”, which is how whales rest. One of the whales in our sleeping group was “Lutris”. We also spent time with a couple of different groups of two. The last two we saw were very interested in our boat and kept swimming underneath us and swimming alongside us on their sides getting some glances at us!

The afternoon we returned to the same area, where again there were many whales in smaller groups around. We watched a pair of female humpbacks, Nile and Pitcher for a little as they surfaced close to us and we got great looks. We also watched a trio of humpback whales, one of whom was doing some flipper slapping and did a single flipper breach, where the whale jumped up out about halfway out of the water with its flipper extended and landed on its side! We then moved to an area with two groups of two in it. As we were watching two of the whales, we saw some splashing out in the distance – two more humpbacks were lobtailing and slapping their tails on the water. One of our lobtailers was ID’d as Komodo. Great day on the water!

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