Sept 8

Being situated in Gloucester really does give us an advantage in the choice of whale feeding grounds. We have Jeffreys Ledge to our north, and Stellwagen Bank to our south. Today we decided to head north to the Ledge and it certainly paid off!  As we rounded the tip of Cape Ann, we started to see wildlife. Ocean sunfish (Mola mola) were all over! We saw 2 close together, and then ended up with several more throughout the trip!  The first whales we saw were fin whales- a mother with her playful calf! This pair was great, and the mom was a familiar friend- Comet! A minke was also poking around the area.

We continued on and found a couple more fin whales and some more minkes. Then we saw a tail in the air- a humpback whale! Turns out we had at least 5 humpbacks in the area including Owl and her calf! We also saw Scar the minke whale!

Comet, Owl and Scar are all adoptable through Blue Ocean Society! What luck!

Highlighter and Geometry were hanging out together and Mogul also joined up with Owl and her calf for a few surfacings.

As we headed for home, we passed by 2 more fin whales traveling together- one of which is #9616, first seen in 1996!

And then as we neared Cape Ann, we got a special treat. A pair of huge basking sharks were circling, nose to tail, making all sorts of splashing. It was pretty remarkable day!

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