Sept 12

Today was an absolutely beautiful day to be out on the water. It was sunny, breezy, the perfect temperature and we had marine life all around us! Our trip north to Jeffrey’s Ledge started with some really close up looks at some ocean sunfish, or Mola molas. The first one was one of the biggest I had personally seen all summer. We then pressed on when we picked up a few blows not far off. When we arrived at the blows we found 3 large humpback whales! Two we identified as Nine and Highlighter. NineWe stayed for them a while and even got some close up looks as they fluked right next to the boat. We knew there had been some dolphins in the area so we set off to find them and along the way passed a Fin whale who was heading down on a dive. When we arrived at the pod of Atlantic White Sided Dolphins we were not disappointed. A large pod, of at least 80 individuals, circled the boat for quite a while. There were even a few jumping completely out of the water  and showing off near the boat. Dolphin

Dolphin GroupI think it’s safe to say all the passengers today enjoyed them as much as the dolphins enjoyed themselves!

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